Weddings & Celebrations

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers, shindigs, brand and product events and launches, fundraisers, conferences, galas, openings, PR stunts… great events, whether big or small, don’t just ‘happen’ and we’re here to help guide you in your choice of drinks.

Ciders, Perries And Fruit Wines That Can Grace Any Table

Don’t just take our word for it: Oz Clarke called Cider Is Wine “a brilliant idea” and we know our 100% juice content, not-from-concentrate ciders, perries and fruit wines can satisfy even the most demanding of palates.

Recent customer comments include:

  • “Just wanted you to know we greatly appreciated your choices”
  • “We really enjoyed your selection of ciders”
  • “They taste just like wine”

We’re offering a whole range of drinks that are as complex as any grape wine, covering every taste profile, from the driest of the dry to the sweetest of the sweet, and every point in-between, and pretty well every hue, from refreshingly lip-smacking light gold, to rich golden and deep amber. Their taste profiles run from the bolder and earthier, more structured and tannic, so closer to a red wine, to lighter and brisker, with delicate acidity and balance, so more like a white wine.

Then there are the aromas which show every fruit and flavour under the sun and which resonate through these juice ferments: clean, crisp, fresh green apples, overlain by layers of aromatics, from asparagus to deep fresh straw, to oak and strawberries, redcurrants, blackcurrant , raisins and toffee (lots of wine notes here).


It’s like having your very own sommelier!

Like wines, these ciders, perries and fruit wines come both as still and sparkling – with some even made exactly like Champagne.

Call us and we’ll discuss your event and make suggestions backed up with our ‘try before you buy’ service:

  • Nothing is too big or too small – we work to any budget…
  • Based on our initial discussion, we’ll send you a choice of 100% juice content, not-from-concentrate ciders, perries and/or fruit wines with free delivery…
  • We’ll hold an on-line tasting with you, taking you through the drinks…
  • We’ll be able to provide you with best advice you on quantities, too.

You can be confident in our service – here are a few more recent comments from customers:

  • “Fast delivery after ordering.”
  • “All bottles delivered were delicious and good quality.”
  • “All of them [the products ordered] were well chosen. Great flavour. Great taste.”
  • “Great selection of hard to find ciders.”

Indeed, in a recent survey 100% of customers rate our products as excellent or good over 93% of customers rate our service as excellent or good (and no customers at all thought our service was poor or could do better).


The range of tastes exceeds those you’ll find with grape wines and are often a better match.

We’ll help you marry these with the type of event and the foods you’re thinking of serving, whether simple nibbles, more substantial canapés or full-blown menus.


As well as free delivery for all orders over £65…

  • Spend £100 and more and save 5%…
  • Spend £250 more and save 10%…
  • Spend £350 and more and we’ll also refund the cost of the samples from your tasting.

For more information, or simply to chat through options, call the contact number on this website or use the contact form and we’ll get straight back in contact.