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Once Upon A Tree Bacchus Co-Ferment 2018

This cider co-ferment builds on a passion to raise the profile of cider as a wine alternative and combines winemaking techniques and grape bi-products with cider. Made from 100% not-from-concentrate fruit from a single vintage of Dabinett and dessert apples fermented over Bacchus wine yeast lees and aged on these lees for 9 months.

The style and presentation of the cider is designed to share with family, friends – and food! Complex and aromatic, this range of ciders are a prefect food complement.

Once Upon A Tree Blenheim Superb Ice Cider 2019

The juice of handpicked, late harvested apples from the company’s Dragon Orchard is frozen and gently thawed in a process of cryo-concentration. This involves the first third of the thawed juice bing tapped off and used to make the cider, the remaining water, as ice, is discarded. This concentrated juice is fermented using Champagne-style yeast to 7% ABV, which takes 3 to 4 months.

Dragon Orchard is located in the heart of apple growing countryside in Herefordshire and has been in the family since 1887. It benefits from fertile Herefordshire clay and loam soils and is protected from harsh winds by the surrounding hills. It’s an accredited LEAF farm (Linking Environment and Farming) and the farmhouse has been awarded for its sustainability.

Once Upon A Tree Kingston Redstreak

Somerset Redstreak matures in early October ,whereas Kingston Black is very late to ripen and harvested in early November with both  varieties harvested at optimum ripeness and condition.

This difference in ripening times lets the cidermaker carefully collect in the harvests, press separately and prepare the juices for fermentation. The ciders are ferment for around 3 to 4 months before becoming fully dry.  They are then racked off lees, blended and filtered to crystal clear.

Once Upon A Tree Tidnor Oak

Made from a single vintage, this 100% fresh-pressed fruit, never-from-concentrate cider combines a field blend of bitter sweet apples grown at Tidnor Wood Orchard, part of the original National Collection of cider apples, with dessert apples from Once Upon A Tree’s Dragon Orchard.

Complex and aromatic, the style and presentation of this cider is designed to share with family, friends – and food!

Tasting Notes


Once Upon A Tree Bacchus Co-Ferment 2018

Beautifully complex, perfumed aromatics of elderflower and hay that give way to gentle hazelnut, lemon and apricot aromas. Lemon zest and crisp apple initially on the palate, then developing bread-like notes with a clean yet lingering finish with a hint of dried apricot.

The colour of bright pale gold in the glass with delicate petillance / spritz observable in the glass.

Once Upon A Tree Blenheim Superb Ice Cider 2015

A tart apple and honey nose with just a hint of spice. The viscous palate has concentrated flavours of apple, apricot, honey and spiced orange with incredible length to the finish.  Intensely sweet, but perfectly balancing acidity to give a refreshing finish. Perfect partnered with citrus desserts and with soft, creamy and blue cheeses.

Once Upon A Tree Kingston Redstreak

Fermented with Saccharomyces Bayanus “Champagne” yeast which gives a clean neutral fermentation allowing the character of each variety to be fully expressed.  Rich spice filled nose and a full bodied palate with bushels of fruit and a soft finish.

Once Upon A Tree Tidnor Oak

Aged on its own lees and new French oak for 9 months, this partial wild ferment & unfiltered cider is golden brown with a slight haze. Spice aromas on the nose of clove and vanilla combined with orange peel, honey and lychee. A rich mouth-filling still cider with soft creamy vanilla tannins, and buttery spiced toffee-apple fruit.  Bone dry, but ripe, soft and fruity leaving generous tannins to the finish.



Food Pairing

Once Upon A Tree Bacchus Co-Ferment 2018

Pairs wonderfully with mild creamy curries, Moroccan tagine dishes, chicken salads and rich shellfish dishes.  Great with roasted root vegetables, particularly butternut squash.

Once Upon A Tree Blenheim Superb Ice Cider 2015

A wonderful treat with apple and pear desserts – tart tatin is divine, this is a cider that’s equally at home as a stunning accompaniment to pâtés and liver starters, or strong mature cheddar, and classic Colton Basset Blue Stilton or Yorkshire Blue.

Once Upon A Tree Kingston Redstreak

A great accompaniment to robust foods, hearty casseroles, roast meat and spicy dishes.

Once Upon A Tree Tidnor Oak

Even though this is not sweet, try pairing with Stilton, or other strong, salty blue cheese.  Works well with smoky Baba Ghanoush or a Moussaka. Or be classic with roast pork with crackling!


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