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Gospel Green Rosé 2017

A really innovative cider made from a blend of 20% cooking and  80% dessert apples with a dosage of Pinot Noir. Cellar-aged for a minimum of 12 months, this cider uses the same production technique as Champagne – indeed, Gospel Green is the only cidermaker whose ciders are analysed by the IOC in Epernay, in Champagne – and it very much reflects the Gospel Green house style of finesse and subtlety.

“Gospel Green Rosé is the finest bottle fermented ‘cyder’ in the UK. A very small addition of Pinot Noir is added to the top quality English apple juice and then it is fermented to make an elite fizz. This is one of our country’s greatest drinks!” Matthew Jukes, Daily Mail

Gospel Green Rosé is gluten free and vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Cidentro Rosé 2018

Inspired by Provence-style rosés and the popular on-trend love of pink drinks, Cidentro’s rosé is an exciting cider made from 100% English apples with a dosage of Pinot Noir wine to create a dry and lightly sparkling rosé cider that’s ideal as an aperitif or paired with food.

Cidentro Rosé is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Brännland Pernilla Perle 2017

This year’s Pernilla Perle differs from earlier years in that it is drier and has a higher profile of apple clarity with more outspoken tannins. 2017 was one of the hardest years for decades for apple growing  in Sweden with heavy frost and hail in the spring. As a result, the 2017 harvest has given our cider a rather more austere, yet elegant and more complex style compared to previous vintages. The balance between sugar, alcohol and fruit has been joined by a length that holds great promise for future development and ageing.

Brännland Pernilla Perle is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Long Brothers Apple & Blueberry Co-Ferment Cider

Long Brothers Apple & Blueberry Co-ferment lightly sparkling cider is a creative combination of Katie apples, grown at Lower Court Farm in Herefordshire, and blueberries which are hand-picked at Lutton Farm in Northamptonshire. The co-ferment is made from 100% fruit juice – 85% apple juice and 15% blueberry juice using no concentrates whatsoever. The contact between the apples and blueberries is very short at only 5 days. After fermentation the cider is allowed to settle for 2 months before filtering and bottling.

Long Brothers Apple & Blueberry Co-Ferment Cider is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly.

The Chocolatier

The Chocolatier maintains wellbeing as a core value creating handmade indulgent chocolates with a selection of the finest single origin cacao in the world, using natural ingredients without any cream or butter.

Crisp roasted hazelnuts enrobed in the finest milk chocolate, with a delicate dusting of roasted coffee powder.

Silk Rose

We’re also adding a lovely red rose made from silk.


Tasting Notes

Gospel Green Rosé 2017

The dosage of Pinot Noir creates aromatics of wild strawberry and hedgerow berries with a hint of floral rosehip. A delicate sparkling rosé cider with a touch of baked apple and a smooth, rounded finish.

Cidentro Rosé 2018

Light spritz, a scattering of bubbles float over a sea of rustic pink. Delicate aromas of marshmallow and a hint of vanilla, delivering a full flavour bursting on the palate with undertones of a barely-there sweetness.

Brännland Pernilla Perle 2017

Appearance: lightly sparkling, golden hue, crystal clarity; nose: nectarine, pear, apple blossom, honey, vinous; palate: pear, ripe apple, lychee, orange, almonds and white cherries. Light lingering structure, slightly grippy. Sweet attack with really juicy fruit flavours, nice acid profile on finish.

Long Brothers Apple & Blueberry Co-Ferment Cider

This quintessential English cider is lightly sparkling, with a wonderfully dry, crisp and refreshing taste.

Food Pairing

Gospel Green Rosé 2017

Goes just as well with both fish and duck as much as with red fruits and desserts.

Cidentro Rosé 2018

With cheese: French Brie, Italian Burrata, Goat’s cheese; or savoury: butternut squash risotto, steak with garlic butter, seafood linguine; and sweet: peanut butter chocolate chip brownies, strawberries.

Regional speciality: Hambleton Bakery ‘Rutland Pipin’.

Brännland Pernilla Perle 2017

It’s off-dry character makes it well suited for a wide variety of gastronomic pairings. As an aperitif on its own, or together with Asian food, right through to heavy continental-style pork dishes and a range of desserts.

Long Brothers Apple & Blueberry Co-Ferment Cider

Pairs perfectly with a lentil and feta salad, pan seared duck, slow cooked lamb or on its own as a delightful aperitif.


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