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  • price per tasting pack per household, minimum of  3 households – includes delivered price of 12 bottles in total to 3 addresses (3 x 4) and a 75 minute virtual tutored tasting
  • a fun and informative way to discover a whole world of drinks – tasting is believing!
  • a ‘one-on-one’ Zoom tasting with Alistair Morrell, AKA The Wine Inspector, CCO Cider Is Wine


‘Ciders From Around The World’ Tasting Pack

  • Eden Siren Song 75cl
  • Abel Méthode 2018 50cl
  • Brännland Iscider 2018 37.5cl
  • Killahora Orchards Rare Apple Ice Wine 2018 37.5cl

full product details below – click on links to tasting notes and food pairing ideas, also on this page

Not All Ciders Are The Same!

For the most part, mass market ciders are manufactured, not made (and contain as little as 35% juice, all of which can be from concentrate).

100% apple and/or pear content ciders are inextricably linked to ‘terroir’, the term used by French winemakers for the unique characteristics linked to a particular vineyard or, in the case of cider, those of locality and the orchard, the apple and/or pear varieties used and the skill and passion of the cidermaker.

These are ciders made like wine, following the global standard for wine, namely that it should only contain the freshly pressed and fermented juice of the fruit without any concentrates. It’s what gives wine such broad appeal with every wine different.

Just like wines, these ciders come with taste profiles that run from dry to sweet… from bolder and earthier, more structured and tannic… to lighter and brisker, with delicate acidity and balance… from refreshingly lip-smackingly light and gold… to deep amber… from clear to cloudy… and from still to sparkling.

Then there are the aromas that resonate through: from clean, crisp fresh green apples… to those of apricots, walnuts, figs, browned butter, toffee and golden raisins.

Just like wines made from grapes!

Then there is the kaleidoscope of food matching opportunities, too. These full fruit content ciders are often more versatile than their grape wine cousins when it comes to matching dishes.

Alistair’s talk is a perfect introduction to the rewarding world of 100% fruit content ciders – and, as you will discover, a very different proposition from the mass market, 35% content product.


Use the contact page if you have any questions for Alistair about booking.

Eden Siren Song 75cl

In Greek mythology the sirens were creatures, half bird and half woman, who lured sailors to destruction by the sweetness of their songs. No less beguiling with its notes of fruit, spice and smoke, this cider may well lure you to a second glass and,  after an illusion of residual sweetness, rather than drowning in the deep of the sea, as the story goes, the depths of your glass will reveal a wonderfully balanced acidity.

Whilst this is the new 2019 release, the 2017 release won Gold Medal at GLINTCAP in Heritage Cider category.

Abel Méthode 2018 50cl

Abel Méthode Cider is made in small quantities from freshly harvested, hand-picked apples and pears, using predominantly heritage varieties that have been grown in Nelson, New Zealand for over 120 years. Varieties used are Cox’s Orange Pippin, Sturmer, Kingston Black, Foxwhelp, Bisquet, Winter Nellis, Winter Cole and others in small amounts.

Full fruit fermentation in stainless steel extracts the true fruit character. Made once per year, aged in stainless steel, the cider undergoes secondary fermentation, like Champagne, in bottle for 12 to 18 months prior to release and is bone dry, resulting in a fine cider that is refreshing and full of flavour. A true artisan cider made exclusively from 100% apples and pears, with no added water, juice concentrates or other fruit.

Non-disgorged. This cider has an ageing potential of 5-10 years.

Abel Méthode Cider is gluten free and vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Finalist: New Zealand Food Producer Awards – Artisan Producer – International Cider of the Year 2017

Brännland Iscider 2018 37.5cl

The 2018 ice cider vintage is marked by one of the finest Swedish apple harvests of the past decade. The juice at pressing showed unusually high sugar levels without compromising the balance between acidity, sweetness and body that are the hallmarks of the vintage. The spring season fermentations were soft and harmonious and carried through in oak to an even higher degree than previous years.

We believe that Brännland Iscider 2018 has the potential of a classic vintage with exceptional ageing potential.

Killahora Orchards Rare Apple Ice Wine 2018 37.5cl

Made from rare and bittersweet apples mostly grown in Killahora’s own 200 year old orchards on the Atlantic south coast of Ireland. Freezing the pressed juice results in a beautiful, rich must is slowly fermented to give a luscious, balanced, dessert apple wine, with additional depth from the layers of soft tannins from the bittersweet cider apples.

The 2018 vintage is particularly special because of the hot summer which created record sugar content at pressing and this bottling carries more vibrant fruit notes. We believe that this vintage will age well.

Nothing is rushed at Killahora Orchards: the fruit is hand-picked and this perry is made in small batches, then allowed to ferment and mature which creates complexity and real nuances of flavour.

2019 Irish Food Writers Guild Awards – Best Irish Drink

2019 Great Taste Awards – 1 Gold Star

Tasting Notes

Eden Siren Song 75cl

With its nose of stewed apple, golden raisin, fig and walnut, this cider beguiles with notes of fruit, spice and smoke, cradled in an illusion of residual sweetness with the tannins revealing themselves in acidity rather than bitterness. Harvest-pressed and fermented slow and cold, the final curvaceous balance evolved from skilful blending by Eden’s cider team. Another glassful calls!

Abel Méthode 50cl

Delicious green apple, citrus, sherbet, pear florals, bread and biscuit. Dry, focused and clean with a delicious apple tang, mouth-watering acidity and a delicate yet crunchy tannin finish. Refreshing and long with a precise stream of bubbles à la fine Champagne.

Brännland Iscider 2018 37.5cl

Appearance: light golden, brilliant clarity.

Nose: raspberries, wet stone in spring rain, peach and rose blossom.

Palate: glossy soft viscosity, juicy ripe strawberry, watermelon, black cherry and a light finish with touches of honey.

Killahora Orchards Rare Apple Ice Wine 2018 37.5cl

Deep, golden colour with good clarity. A nose with notes of strawberry, honey, candied orange peel and a light floral aroma. The palate shows a silky viscosity, with notes of fresh green apple and butterscotch. Long finish with a crisp lift, and complex notes of barrel- aged cider.

Food Pairing

Eden Siren Song 75cl

East Asian dishes such as sushi and Pad Thai or, closer to home, roasted monkfish.

Abel Méthode 50cl

Oysters, salmon, pork, cheese, charcuterie, fresh spicy dishes. Serve chilled in a flute or small wine glass.

Brännland Iscider 2018 37.5cl

Traditional dessert wine territory: cheese, foie gras, crème brûlée, tarte tatin – but also a good match with savoury food where the refreshing high acidity of the ice cider matches.

Killahora Orchards Rare Apple Ice Wine 2018 37.5cl

Serve lightly chilled with a cheeseboard – our favourite cheese pairing is a creamy goat’s cheese which cuts through the wine’s sweetness and acidity perfectly.  It also works well with many desserts such as panna cotta or tarte tatin, and pairs beautifully with foie gras or rich pork dishes.


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