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6 of the Best British Ciders Case

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Gospel Green Rosé 2017 75cl

A really innovative cider made from a blend of 20% cooking and  80% dessert apples with a dosage of Pinot Noir. Cellar-aged for a minimum of 12 months, this cider uses the same production technique as Champagne – indeed, Gospel Green is the only cidermaker whose ciders are analysed by the IOC in Epernay, in Champagne – and it very much reflects the Gospel Green house style of finesse and subtlety.

“Gospel Green Rosé is the finest bottle fermented ‘cyder’ in the UK. A very small addition of Pinot Noir is added to the top quality English apple juice and then it is fermented to make an elite fizz. This is one of our country’s greatest drinks!” Matthew Jukes, Daily Mail

Blue Aurora Midnight Blueberry Wine 75cl

Each bottle contains 1.5 kilos of blueberries which are substrate-grown in buckets under polytunnels and then picked by hand between July and October. The blueberries are gently pressed and then the free run juice sits on the blueberry skins in tank for 6 weeks with the addition of oak chips. After fermentation the wine is racked, filtered and bottled.

100% not-from-concentrate blueberry juice, Blue Aurora Midnight Blueberry Wine is gluten free and vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Tinston Anatomy Sparkling 2017 75cl

Made from 100% freshly-pressed Bramley apple juice. After a primary alcoholic fermentation, it’s left on its natural yeast lees to develop body and complexity, after which it’s naturally settled and minimally filtered. After bottling, it undergoes a secondary fermentation that creates the natural fizz. However, the real magic is the in-bottle on-the-lees ageing which Anatomy undergoes for 12 to 24 months. The  length of ageing adds layers of complexity and flavour to create a true stand-out cider with a style that’s akin to a top quality champagne grape wine.

Once Upon A Tree Tidnor Wood Oak-Aged Still Cider 2018 75cl

Made from a single vintage, this 100% fresh-pressed fruit, never-from-concentrate cider combines a field blend of bitter sweet apples grown at Tidnor Wood Orchard, part of the original National Collection of cider apples, with dessert apples from Once Upon A Tree’s Dragon Orchard.

Complex and aromatic, the style and presentation of this cider is designed to share with family, friends – and food!

Pilton Fox, Dog, Cat 2020

A super-smooth blend of mature Jonagold, with just a touch of funk and a dash of smoke on the finish, sweetened with Pilton’s classic bittersweet keeved* cider.

*Keeving is an artisan cider-making technique used to create a natural cider without sweetening or pasteurisation. Wild yeasts, cool cellars and low nutrient orchards are all key elements in the process. Only 100% fresh pressed cider apples are used, no sugar, no water, and nothing else.

(The distinctive text-only label was created on a 1935 typewriter and features the exploits of the quick brown fox and the lazy dog as they enjoy cider and generally hang out at Cat’s bar – see below.)

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, onto a barstool at Cat’s.

“Cider?” asked fox, as dog reached for the wine list. Behind the bar, cat’s ears twitched at the sound of a sale. In one pounce, she deftly served two glasses, this bottle and a round of Somerset tapas. She poured, they swirled, they sniffed, and they tasted.

“Mature Jonagold blended with fresh keeved bittersweets,” said fox.

Once Upon A Tree Blenheim Superb Ice Cider 2015 37.5cl

The juice of handpicked, late harvested apples from the company’s Dragon Orchard is frozen and gently thawed in a process of cryo-concentration. This involves the first third of the thawed juice bing tapped off and used to make the cider, the remaining water, as ice, is discarded. This concentrated juice is fermented using Champagne-style yeast to 7% ABV, which takes 3 to 4 months.

Dragon Orchard is located in the heart of apple growing countryside in Herefordshire and has been in the family since 1887. It benefits from fertile Herefordshire clay and loam soils and is protected from harsh winds by the surrounding hills. It’s an accredited LEAF farm (Linking Environment and Farming) and the farmhouse has been awarded for its sustainability.

Supreme Champion: Three Counties Show, 2017

Silver: Glintcap, USA, 2019

1st: International CPA – presentation

1st: Big Apple, 2017

Tasting Notes

Gospel Green Rosé 2017 75cl

The dosage of Pinot Noir creates aromatics of wild strawberry and hedgerow berries with a hint of floral rosehip. A delicate sparkling rosé cider with a touch of baked apple and a smooth, rounded finish.

Blue Aurora Midnight Blueberry Wine 75cl

Ripe cherry and plum nose with a subtle hint of vanilla and thyme. Full bodied, ripe rich berries on a bed of vanilla notes and a slight warming spice on the palate. The finish is long and smooth, with a healthy kick of tannins

Tinston Anatomy Sparkling 2017 75cl

Often enjoyed in a flute glass with light canapés, but a great pairing with fresh fish dishes. The bubbles and crisp acidity balance well with the freshness of a simple smoked salmon or some mackerel pâté.

Once Upon A Tree Tidnor Wood Oak-Aged Still Cider 2018 75cl

Aged on its own lees and new French oak for 9 months, this partial wild ferment & unfiltered cider is golden brown with a slight haze. Spice aromas on the nose of clove and vanilla combined with orange peel, honey and lychee. A rich mouth-filling still cider with soft creamy vanilla tannins, and buttery spiced toffee-apple fruit.  Bone dry, but ripe, soft and fruity leaving generous tannins to the finish.

Pilton Fox, Dog, Cat 2020 75cl

Light golden straw colour, sparkling, light fresh summer apple nose, delicious palate balance with herbal notes, overlaying a crisp apple frame backed by candied fruit and smoky notes – light, but seriously long and delicious.

Smo-oooth! With hints of herbal spice and candied fruitgrinned dog, gazing up from his glass. Aromas of smouldering hazel from the wood grill reached the pair and suddenly they were hungry…

Once Upon A Tree Blenheim Superb Ice Cider 2015 37.5cl

A tart apple and honey nose with just a hint of spice. The viscous palate has concentrated flavours of apple, apricot, honey and spiced orange with incredible length to the finish.  Intensely sweet, but perfectly balancing acidity to give a refreshing finish.

Food Pairing

Gospel Green Rosé 2017 75cl

Goes just as well with both fish and duck as much as with red fruits and desserts.

Blue Aurora Midnight Blueberry Wine

Serve at room temperature. Pairs perfectly with steak, mushroom risotto or as an accompaniment to a cheese board.

Tinston Anatomy Sparkling 2017 75cl

A great tipple that can be drunk in its own right on its own, or wonderful with a mixed green salad topped with crumbled feta cheese.

Once Upon A Tree Tidnor Wood Oak-Aged Still Cider 2018

Even though this is not sweet, try pairing with Stilton, or other strong, salty blue cheese.  Works well with smoky Baba Ghanoush or a Moussaka. Or be classic with roast pork with crackling!

Pilton Fox, Dog, Cat 2020 75cl

On-the-bone, outdoor-reared pork chop (even better when served with its kidney)– browned and sealed in the frying pan, then oven-finished. Freshly made spring roll with a dark soy sauce dip

Serious now, cat and dog ordered wilted asparagus, harissa peppers, the turbot and the pork chop – and another bottle.

Cat flipped the vinyl. Thursday night was shaping up. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog and slipped out into the night. Dog posted up the empty bottles on Instagram and got another for his kennel. Cat ordered two cases for the weekend.

Once Upon A Tree Blenheim Superb Ice Cider 2015

A wonderful treat with apple and pear desserts – tart tatin is divine, this is a cider that’s equally at home as a stunning accompaniment to pâtés and liver starters, or strong mature cheddar, and classic Colton Basset Blue Stilton or Yorkshire Blue.


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