Pilton Cider

Leading keeved cidermaker Pilton joins Cider is Wine quality cider alliance

Pilton ciders are made from 100% whole fruit harvested around the village of Pilton in Somerset using the art of keeving, a traditional English method of retaining natural sweetness in ciders.

Unlike wine which, by law, must be made from 100% freshly-pressed grapes, UK-made ciders may contain as little as 35% apples (ciders from other countries even less) – and all of that apple juice can come from concentrate.
Cider is Wine is a trade alliance of quality cidermakers that’s been set up to inform consumers that not all ciders are the same and to give voice to those cidermakers, like Pilton, who follow traditional production methods using locally grown 100% freshly-pressed apple (or pear) juice.

Says Alistair Morrell, Cider is Wine CEO:
“The production methods used by mass market cider producers make can put traditional, no compromise cidermakers at something of a disadvantage, whilst cider drinkers are perhaps not being sold the quality product they may have believed. The ‘cider is wine’ statement gets to the core of an issue about what goes into making a product. Cider produced in the this uncompromising way needs to be understood, discussed, and enjoyed in the same way as the very best wines.”

Pilton’s cidermaker and founder, Martin Berkeley, adds:
“We believe that Cider is Wine’s consumer-focused message, supported by sufficient resources created by the pooling of resources from alliance members, can do nothing but help our business by better informing the consumer about the real taste sensation that comes from a quality product that closely reflects its origins (‘terroir’ in winemaker parlance), the varieties used, its vintage and the passion to produce products of the highest quality that can be missing from mass market products.”

The Cider Is Wine alliance brings together the finest global Cider and Perry producers around the same essential production values used in winemaking – except made from 100% apples or 100% pears. Ciders and perryies are every bit as diverse, artisanal and natural as wines, as well as and generally lower in alcohol!

Launched in late 2018, Cider is Wine alliance is protocol-based and perfectly reflects the significant growth in the number of consumers seeking more authentic, naturally-produced foods from artisan producers and Cider is Wine has been created to focus and combine the power of many smaller producers with one message: ‘Passion’, ‘Pride’ and ‘Satisfaction’ as being the hallmarks of the member producers who seek to provide a more natural, purer cider, which can be appreciated in the same way as a fine wine.

“Cider is Wine’s simple mission is to seek out producers who use 100% apples (or pears) and as such create a superior, more natural product”, says Alistair Morrell, “and Pilton Ciders is the latest quality cidermaker to join our growing band of producer members. We’re looking forward to working with producer members and innovative distributors to forge a new category for cider.”

As well as informing and educating both the trade and consumer and actively campaign for a global quality cider category where guidelines are rigorously adhered to, so a customer knows that a bottle carrying their the Cider is Wine mark is from a trusted source and has been produced to the highest standards. In a market where consumers are increasingly looking for quality, Cider is Wine will be essential in guiding those decisions.

With a Waitrose survey recently highlighting artisan cider as one of the key trends for 2019, it’s the perfect time to join the initiative and help the world discover the benefits of your brand.

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