Cidentro Cider House & Denmark Heritage Cider Company

2020 Continues The Upward Trend: 2 New Members For The Cider Is Wine Trade Alliance

Cider Is Wine ended 2019 with another new UK member, Cidentro Cider, and started the first week of 2020 with Western Australia’s The Denmark Heritage Cider Company joining the trade alliance.

Cider Is Wine members recognise that the alliance addresses the fact that, unlike for wine, there is no global standard for cider, with different countries applying different standards: from a 0% juice requirement in Australia and New Zealand, to 100% in France and Spain. In the UK cider can contain just 35% apple juice, all of which can be from concentrate.

Cider Is Wine’s mission is simple: to create a new drinks segment which distinguishes ciders and perries made from 100% not-from-concentrate juice – in effect ciders made just like wines (but from apples and/or pear juice).


From a hat full of apples – a nod to the verse in the Wassail incantation “….hats full, caps full, three bushel bags full” – comes a cider to celebrate.

Cidentro produce a unique range of ciders created from English cider apples. Inspired by tradition and a time when English cider was a distinguished drink, they aim to bring a modern approach to cider for enjoyment in the same way as wine.

Cidentro ciders only use 100% pressed juice from heritage apples, with no added water or artificial sweeteners. Indeed, it takes around 14 apples to make a 75cl bottle of cider so, quite literally, “from a hat full of apples…” comes a cider to celebrate.

Matured for at least 6 months to let the flavours fully develop and show their inherent quality, each cider is designed to appeal to those who appreciate that the cidermaking process is the same as wine, with such exceptional quality a key driver in choosing a Cidentro cider.

The company’s range includes still cider, sparkling ciders and a rosé cider created from a blend of English cider and English Pinot Noir Wine.

Says owner, Hiranthi Cook: “We’re extremely excited to be part of the Cider Is Wine alliance. I believe they’ve got an excellent understanding of what people are looking for in a great cider and their standards and values are akin to our own. Producing cider with provenance from Melton Mowbray and to the very highest quality using 100% juice is who we are.”


Located in ancient rainforest, at the heart of the Great Southern Wine Region of Western Australia, The Denmark Heritage Cider Company produces a range of still and sparkling traditional ciders using 100% apple juice.
The company mixes modern winemaking ‘savviness’ with traditional cider-making techniques and prime quality, European heritage, tannin-rich cider apples, fresh from their orchards.

The ciders are produced in a ‘5 star’ winery, using traditional techniques, under the watchful eye of James Kellie, a world-renowned winemaker. Their wild yeast ferment delivers a unique New World element of locality (‘terroir’, to use a wine-making expression) to unfiltered, natural, local, traditional ciders.

All of their still ciders are aged a minimum of one year, while the sparkling ciders are aged on lees a further year after tirage and offer a rich alternatives to grape wine bubbly, while the still ciders are layered with the rustic character of the magnificent environment where they come from.

Says Denmark Heritage Cider’s Stuart Douglass, “Skill, passion and Nature. Just ask any winemaker and they’ll tell you that it’s really all about the fruit.”

More About Cider Is Wine’s Campaign For 100% Fruit Content Ciders

Alistair Morrell, Cider Is Wine’s Founder and CEO adds “As consumers choose to drink less, but better, reduce alcohol intake, look for artisan products, search out real makers from real places, so the proposition of ciders made like wines becomes very appealing. The process for making 100% juice (not-from-concentrate) ciders and perries is exactly the same as wine, but typically with half the alcohol. Cider Is Wine binds the proposition into a simple format for both the trade and the consumer to buy into. We continue to actively campaign for a global quality cider category where guidelines are rigorously adhered to, so a customer knows that a bottle carrying the Cider is Wine endorsement is from a trusted source and has been produced to the highest standards. In a market where consumers are increasingly looking for quality, Cider is Wine will be essential in guiding those decisions. With a recent Waitrose survey highlighting artisan cider as one of the key trends, it’s the perfect time to join the initiative and help the world discover the benefits of your brand.”

Just how powerful the Cider Is Wine concept is proving to be can be seen by just a few of the drinks trade experts and consumer comments garnered in 2019 – in fact one could actually say “case proven!”:

o “Cider just isn’t cider any more – one of the most astonishing, eye-opening tastings this year” Peter Richards MW (April 2019)
o “Goodness, this has changed my mind that ciders can be made just like wine” Tim Atkin (November 2019)
o “…[Ciders] like wine can’t help but tell the story of who made it, where, and the flavour of each unique apple variety” Olly Smith (July 2019)
o “This is a really good initiative” Oz Clarke (November 2019)
And a few consumer comments:
o “What a revelation – I never knew that ciders could be made like this”
o “I never realised that ciders could be drunk instead of wine”
o “It’s weird – it’s like wine, but it’s cider!”

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