Killahora Orchards

Cider Is Wine Alliance Membership On The Up & Up… Killahora Orc hards Are The Latest To Join

Premium quality, craft, specialty, distinctiveness, individuality, provenance (regionality and locality), innovation and choice are all driving growth in at the quality end of the cider industry, as well as well as the production methods and the skills of producers such as Killahora Orchards.

Cider Is Wine, launched at the end of 2018, is a not-for-profit trade alliance whose objective is to create a new global drinks category for ciders and perries made from 100% juice – not from concentrate – beginning in the UK. It brings together the finest global cider and perry producers around the same essential production values used in winemaking, except making ciders from 100%, freshly-pressed and fermented apples or pears.

The Cider Is Wine initiative is designed to provide a clear definition and choice for consumers in what is a confusing cider world where words like ‘premium’ and ‘traditional’ and have lost their meaning when the majority of ciders on sale in the UK today are made from just 35% all-from-concentrate apples or pears – some difference from the 100% fruit, no-concentrate ciders of Cider Is Wine’s members.

Nearly 500 trade visitors to this year’s London Wine Fair and Imbibe Live, and several hundred consumers at The Wine Gang’s Summer Festival, were able to taste members’ ciders for themselves, many expressing astonishment at the character and range of tastes that 100% fruit ciders and perries offer. Cider Is Wine’s trade and consumer programme continues throughout the year with a presence at both SITT shows in September and The Wine Gang’s Leeds and London autumn events.

Says Cider is Wine’s CEO, Alistair Morrell: “Feedback from both the trade and consumers shows them to be on board with the idea of adding to consumer choice with a new cider category with the clear quality promise that 100% fruit content ciders carry with them. Killahora Orchards, who make a range of artisan drinks from apples and pears, including their Johnny Fall Down Cider brand, is the latest member to see the benefits that alliance membership provides in terms of a louder voice that’s supported by cost-effective marketing and promotion and we’re very much looking forward to working with them to forge this new cider category”.

Says Killahora’s Kate Watson: “Quality is everything to us at Killahora as we strive to make the best possible drinks from our unique Irish soil, climate and 148 varieties of apple and 48 of perry pear in our south-facing orchards in Cork. Everything is handmade in small batches using artisanal techniques to produce our award-winning ciders and perries, including our flagship product, Rare Apple Ice Wine. We always use 100% freshly pressed and fermented fruit from our orchards to make our drinks and Cider Is Wine’s ethos perfectly reflects our own.”

Cider is Wine’s aim is also to actively campaign for a global quality cider category where guidelines are rigorously adhered to, so a customer knows that a bottle carrying the Cider is Wine endorsement is from a trusted source and has been produced to the highest standards. In a market where consumers are increasingly looking for quality, Cider is Wine will be essential in guiding those decisions.

With a Waitrose survey recently highlighting artisan cider as one of the key trends for 2019, it’s the perfect time to join the initiative and help the world discover the benefits of your brand.

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