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Cider Is Wine gets to the core of what goes into making a premium craft cider or perry when using 100% freshly-pressed and fermented apples or pears.

Cider Is Wine is all about choice, too.

Made like fine wines, 100% apple or pear content ciders are the ultimate reflection of ‘terroir’: the role that climate, soil, the fruit used (there are 4 times more apple than grape varieties) together with the skill, pride and passion of the cidermaker play in creating the taste – and the pleasure and satisfaction – of what ends up in your glass.

You’ll already know that an orange juice made from concentrate will not taste the same as a juice made from freshly squeezed oranges.

It’s the same with ciders.

You may be surprised to discover that, for a drink to be called ‘wine’ it has to be made from freshly pressed and fermented 100% grape juice, whereas cider has no global standard for its apple or pear content. Indeed, some countries do not define content at all (in the UK it’s just 35% juice, all of which can come from concentrate) so most mass market ciders are essentially manufactured and not made and so, unsurprisingly, will never taste the same as a 100% fruit content cider.

Cider Is Wine sources its 100% freshly pressed and fermented ciders from the finest cideries across the globe with tastes that run from the driest of the dry, right through to the sweetest of the sweet, and every point in between.

What all these ciders have in common is real quality and that wonderful range of tastes capable of satisfying the most discerning of palates.

It’s about the best of the best and the statement ‘cider is wine’ is a powerful way of saying just that.