“So let’s get this straight. One: I pick the fruit – grapes for wine, apples for cider. Two: I crush the fruit. Three: I ferment the juice – grape juice for wine, apple juice for cider. What’s the difference between wine and cider so far? Nothing! Flavour, yes. Philosophy, no. Pure, properly grown fruit transformed into a delicious alcoholic drink by the simplest methods available: real wine, real cider… cider is wine. Well, put like that, it sounds like that.” Oz Clarke, wine writer, journalist and broadcaster, hosting a recent Cider Is Wine on-line tasting.

“You can put any of these [sweet] ciders against any sweet wine and they’ll taste better.” Oz Clarke

“Cider you can drink in the same way as wine.”  Oz Clarke

“For years we’ve not taken cider seriously… What [Cider Is Wine] is saying is that we should respect cider producers who use 100% of their own freshly pressed fruit just as we respect wine producers for using their own grapes… It seems a shame that artisan producers feel the need to invoke wine as a reference point to be taken seriously… though if it makes it possible for an exciting and innovative new generation of cider makers to thrive, then it’s all to the good”  Fiona Beckett, Writer, Columnist, Journalist, Expert in Food & Wine Matching

“A few years ago, when I first tasted cider made like wine, I had mixed views – I preferred the sparkling versions to the still ones, but must admit that even those were more a source of interest than enjoyment. However, reflecting the broader evolution of English wine and craft ciders in general, progress since then has been rapid. The ciders being made now have purer aromatics and more assured flavours, genuinely combining the pleasurable characteristics of both cider and wine – and, for me personally, there is a sweet spot at about 7% alcohol. Great to see that the hard work and experimentation are paying off so handsomely!” Richard Bamfield MW

“So [Cider Is Wine] is making a big drive for the fact that you’ve got to be 100% freshly pressed and fermented apples or pear juice. And that seems very obvious, but when you do taste one against the other, it makes a huge difference be it apple or pears. Nigel Barden on BBC Radio London

“Try the new generation of artisan ciders (and perries, made from pears), some sparkling, some still… Look for ciders and perries made from 100% juice with no additions… cideriswine.co.uk has a British and international selection.” Charles Metcalfe, Which?

“As young people today become increasingly adventurous in the choice of drinks, the growth of new opportunities in drink is all too plain in trends towards the likes of craft beers, gins, rum and sake – and cider. Today it’s cider’s place in the sun as we see exciting new producers entering the scene determined to show that cider too can command respect and bring pleasure for a wide variety of styles and an authenticity based on the location where the fruit is grown. This rosy new dawn promises exciting times for premium cider.” Anthony Rose MW

“A revelation”  Joanna Simon, Author & Wine Journalist

“Cider just isn’t cider any more – one of the most astonishing, eye-opening tastings this year.” Peter Richards, Master of Wine, Writer & Broadcaster

“Goodness, this has changed my mind that ciders can be made just like wine.” Tim Atkin, Master of Wine, Wine Journalist, Broadcaster & Commentator

“…[Ciders] like wine can’t help but tell the story of who made it, where, and the flavour of each unique apple variety.” Olly Smith, TV Presenter, Wine Expert, Columnist & Author

“Cider with terroir. Who would have thought it?” Grapevine

“I think my customers will be thrilled by these ciders” Restaurateur

“Previously I would never have given any cider the time of day” Trade Buyer

“Who really knew that ciders could taste like this?” Sommelier


“What a revelation – I never knew that ciders could be made like this”

“Thanks – you’ve ruined the wine tasting for me because these ciders are so good”

“I never realised that ciders could be drunk instead of wine”

“These are nothing like the ciders I remember”

“It’s weird – it’s like wine, but it’s cider!”

“Cider is as good as wine – maybe even better than wine”

“The best taste of the show!”


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