Sidro Del Bosco

Sidro Del Bosco’s 100% organically certified apple cider is a modern take on the traditional Venetian ‘Vin de Pomi’, but made to satisfy a more modern palate with a gluten free, vegan friendly, naturally lower in alcohol (just 6% ABV), apple sparkling wine. Light in colour, exhibiting superb clarity, and a fresh apple scent on the nose, its fine stream of never-ending bubbles (‘perlage’) make it both youthful and playful.

Made from a blend of the highest quality dessert apples, such as Golden Delicious and Granny Smiths, with other varieties sourced from the company’s own orchards.

A wine by any other name, only not made from grapes, the sparkle is created using the ‘Charmat Martinotti’ method, just like Prosecco, Venice’s most famous sparkling grape wine (many Sidro Del Bosco fans call this cider “apple Prosecco”) using controlled temperature fermentation and selected yeasts, without the addition of any sugar.

It exudes the genuine style of Italian tradition, with just the right balance between dry and sweet notes that make it an ideal companion to good food, great company or, enjoyed in its own right as an example of an authentic taste of Italy.

Winner at the 2023 World Cider Awards of the World’s Best Sparkling Cider.

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