Eden Speciality Cider – Unique Expressions of Extraordinary Apples


We may not be able to travel that easily these days, but Cider Is Wine brings the country to the UK with a new range of ciders from the USA.

Covering the gamut of tastes, from the driest of the dry to the sweetest of the sweet, Eden’s specialty ciders reflect the climate and apple heritage of Northern New England, USA, where they make unique and innovative ciders.

Using traditional New England heirloom varieties, local seedling varieties, and Old World varieties, including bittersweet cider varieties, whose origins are found in France and England.

Eden is the embodiment of what 100% apple content, not-from-concentrate ciders represent for both cider and wine drinkers:

Natural winter cold concentrates the flavours and sugars before fermentation: all their ciders are made from 100% freshly-pressed juice and they never use sugar, colourings, acids or industrial flavourings. All apples are pressed within 60 days of harvest for maximum flavour and all ciders are produced on a vintage basis, taking from 8 months to several years before release, depending on the cider.

The company’s range includes several award-winning ice ciders, a sparkling cider, and a number of small batch, limited edition ciders.

Alistair Morrell Chief Cider Officer of Cider Is Wine said: “We are delighted to partner Eden Ciders into the UK market. As one of the pioneers of authentic 100% whole fruit, not-from-concentrate ciders in the vibrant US cider market they epitomise Cider Is Wine’s motto of passion, pride and satisfaction.

Eleanor Leger of Eden Speciality Ciders said: “Cider Is Wine stands for everything that Eden Speciality Ciders have fought for over the years, a recognition that ciders fermented from 100% apples, not-from-concentrate not only taste delicious, but are more authentic and each expression is unique. We look forward to creating new horizons for British consumers with Cider Is Wine.”

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Eden Speciality Ciders Cider: A Selection of Quotes

Léger has earned a reputation for making complex ice ciders with elegant sweetness and crunchy, juicy acidity.” Wine Enthusiast

Displaying an uncommon watermelon flavour, Eden’s dry sparkling cider proved to be a favourite. Upon first sip this cider tastes sweet, with an underlying elegant, slightly funky, totally dry finish. An all-round winner.” Eater Magazine

“[Eden Heirloom has] a rich, concentrated apple elixir – and lots of it.” The Salt Magazine

Eleanor and Albert Leger work with traditional New England heirloom varieties to make crisp, clean, dry ciders that reflect the cold climate of the region.” Conde Nast Traveler

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