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I’d Love A Glass Of Cider…  Just like wine, it’s all about taste, pleasure and satisfaction!

There are said to be 4 times as many apple varieties as those for grapes, each one with its own unique taste – and that’s before all the elements of ‘terroir’ come into play. The result is a range of tastes, from the driest of the dry to the sweetest of the sweet.

Cider Is Wine’s work to develop an appreciation of cider made like wine is being noticed by writers and broadcasters alike and they’re recognising that ciders like the ones you’ll find in the ‘Our Shop’ section of this website really can place them alongside wine with a deserved place on menus, drinks lists and dining tables.


  • Channel 4, Sunday Brunch
  • Scala Radio, Simon Mayo
  • The Guardian, Fiona Beckett, wine writer
  • BBC London, Nigel Bardon, food & drink expert


  • “For years we’ve not taken cider seriously… What [Cider Is Wine] is saying is that we should respect cider producers who use 100% of their own freshly pressed fruit just as we respect wine producers for using their own grapes… It seems a shame that artisan producers feel the need to invoke wine as a reference point to be taken seriously… though if it makes it possible for an exciting and innovative new generation of cider makers to thrive, then it’s all to the good” Fiona Beckett, Writer, Columnist, Journalist, Expert in Food & Wine Matching
  • “A revelation” Joanna Simon, Author & Wine Journalist
  • “This is a really good initiative” Oz Clarke, Wine Writer, TV Presenter & Broadcaster
  • “Cider just isn’t cider any more – one of the most astonishing, eye-opening tastings this year” Peter Richards, Master of Wine, Writer & Broadcaster
  • “Goodness, this has changed my mind that ciders can be made just like wine” Tim Atkin, Master of Wine, Wine Journalist, Broadcaster & Commentator
  • Cider you can drink in the same way as wine” Oz Clarke, Wine Writer, TV Presenter & Broadcaster
  • “…[Ciders] like wine can’t help but tell the story of who made it, where, and the flavour of each unique apple variety” Olly Smith, TV Presenter, Wine Expert, Columnist & Author
  • “You can put any of these [sweet] ciders against any sweet wine and they’ll taste better” Oz Clarke, Wine Writer, TV Presenter & Broadcaster
  • “Cider with terroir. Who would have thought it?” Grapevine
  • “I think my customers will be thrilled by these ciders” Restaurateur
  • “Previously I would never have given any cider the time of day” Trade Buyer
  • “Who really knew that ciders could taste like this?” Sommelier


  • “What a revelation – I never knew that ciders could be made like this”
  • “Thanks – you’ve ruined the wine tasting for me because these ciders are so good”
  • “I never realised that ciders could be drunk instead of wine”
  • “These are nothing like the ciders I remember”
  • “It’s weird – it’s like wine, but it’s cider!”
  • “Cider is as good as wine – maybe even better than wine”
  • “The best taste of the show!”
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