Cider Is Wine in the news again


Cider has never been taken as seriously as wine, but a new campaign says authentic producers deserve more respect

Why on Earth would you want cider to be like wine? That was my immediate reaction to a new campaign called Cider is Wine. OK, maybe that’s a touch disingenuous. For years we’ve not taken cider seriously. We’ve got smashed on it as students, and downed it on sunny afternoons in the park, but we’ve never been willing to pay more than a bare minimum for it. Mind you, we also haven’t minded that cider is often a chemical soup made from fruit concentrate that often doesn’t even come from this country, or that it’s sweetened and artificially flavoured, too. What the new campaign is saying is that we should respect cider producers who use 100% of their own freshly pressed fruit just as we respect wine producers for using their own grapes. In other words, it deserves a decent bottle and a place at the table…

Fiona Beckett, The Guardian, June 12th 2020

Read the full article at: Fiona Beckett in The Guardian, June 12th 2020

Fiona highlighted 2 ciders you can find in the ‘Our Shop’ section of the Cider Is Wine website:

Once Upon a Tree rosé cider “…absolutely delicious, with a lovely, natural, raspberry flavour.”

Cidentro still cider “Mild, mellow and sweetly appley…”

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