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Cider Is Wine’s vision is that, in 10 years from now, ciders and perries will be widely recognised by both the trade and consumer as being an alcoholic product that comes from 100% apples or pears.

It’s really all about taste! To help drinkers, as well as the trade, identify these ciders and perries, Cider Is Wine is the quality mark that defines them. All ciders and perries you’ll find on this site are exclusively fermented either partially or wholly from 100% apples and/or pears, without the use of concentrates.


Not All Ciders Are The Same – Let’s Change Perceptions Forever! 21/08/20


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It really is all about the taste!

There are said to be 4 times as many apple varieties as those for grapes, each one with its own unique taste.

‘Cider Is Wine’ gets to the core of what goes into making a premium craft cider or perry when using 100% freshly-pressed and fermented apples or pears that are redolent of locality (what winemakers call ‘terroir’), the varieties used, the land where the fruit is grown, its climate and the values, skill, pride and passion of the cidermaker.

The result is a range of tastes, from the driest of the dry to the sweetest of the sweet to satisfy the most discerning of palates.

(Click on this link and view this short and informative video about what ‘terroir’ means: Meg Maker: Terroir and Vermont Cider)

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What is Cider?

‘Cider is wine’ has been conceived to address an issue for consumers – and that is the word ‘cider’ and what it actually means…

EU law defines wine as a product obtained exclusively from the total or partial alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes, whether or not crushed, or of grape must – so 100% grape juice. Cider Is Wine defines ciders and perries that it promotes and markets as a product obtained exclusively from the total or partial alcoholic fermentation of fresh apples and/or pears.

In fact, unlike for wine, there is no global standard for cider: the minimum apple or pear content for ciders in the UK is 35%, the USA is set at 50%, in Sweden it’s just 15%, and in Australia and New Zealand it’s 0%.

So, as a statement, ‘cider is wine’* gets to the core of what goes into making a premium, craft cider or perry when using only 100% freshly-pressed and fermented apples or pears, with harvesting, juicing, fermenting and ageing all being processes that belong to both wines and ciders, and in the creation of drinks that are redolent of locality – what winemakers call ‘terroir’ – and the values, skills, pride and passion of the producer. Cider Is Wine’s mission is to define a new global drinks category for ciders and perries made from 100% apple and pear, never-from-concentrate, juice that consumers will recognise as simply representing the best of the best.

(*definition [Collins Concise Dictionary, 21st Century Edition] wine: an alcoholic drink produced by the fermentation of grapes… an alcoholic drink produced in this way from other fruits…)

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The point is that, perhaps unsurprisingly, very many, if not most, mass market ciders take advantage of the loose UK regulations in terms of apple and pear content.

Cider is Wine members only make ciders from 100% freshly-pressed – never-from-concentrate – apples or pears and, like quality winemakers, follow the same exacting production methods that reflect the varieties used, the locations where they are grown, and are passionate about the quality of the product they produce.

Cider and perry made with 100% apple or pear juice is a natural product that offers real quality and a wonderful range of tastes to satisfy the most discerning palate, proudly made for pure drinking pleasure.

As we say, it’s about the best of the best and the statement ‘cider is wine’ is a powerful way of saying just that.

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